Among the many symptoms that a Lyme sufferer has to deal with on a daily basis, the Lyme arthritis is by far one of the most painful. The pain, the swollen joints, the stiffness experienced in the late stages of Lyme disease are hard to cope with, especially during the colder months.

Some patients find relief from pain with heat or cold therapy. By using or alternating heat or ice packs, they can reduce inflammation. In my case, it turned that only heat could help me cope with the pain.

As much as I tried to protect myself from the harsh cold by wearing all sorts of gloves to keep me warm, I still had pain in my hands. I had pain while I was outdoors and indoors.

That was until I discovered Thermoskin Arthritic Gloves which provided me the warmth and the gentle compression meant to bring me the long waited relief. For years I had been looking for some product that would help me with my rheumatic pain, that would make my aching hands feel better.

These Thermoskin gloves did the trick. I admit they were a bit pricy compared to other models available on the market, but for me, they did and still do the job. I am curious to learn more about the Thermoskin slippers if they could help or no with the pain?!

How are you protecting yourself against the cold? What are the remedies or tricks that worked for you?