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Lyme never comes alone. Besides the co-infections, the people infected with Borrelia Burgdorferi may experience a myriad of symptoms, from those specific to the illness to some unexpected ones. Each day brings a new struggle. The Lyme journey is anything but boring! In fact, it is a learning experience, as the Lymies have to learn on their own how to navigate their path towards  their recovery.   As if dealing with a multitude of symptoms on a daily basis was not challenging enough, Lyme sufferers have to overcome other disheartening problems such as hair loss or nailbreaking.  Many of the […]


There is no doubt  that the moon’s gravitational pull is strong enough to control the tides. Thus why are we surprised to find out that it can affect our bodies which are just sacks of tissue and water? Everything under the sun is affected by the lunar cycles. Why should humans be different? Some people may be more aware of its effect on them while others would not have a clue about it as the effects would go unnoticed.   WORSENING SYMPTOMS NEAR THE FULL MOON How does the moon (full or new) affects each individual is hard to say […]


Can Ozone Therapy really heal Lyme or is it just another fake hope? How many of us dreamed of having this infamous illness cured, out of our systems for good? How many times did we hoped deep down inside that there will be a medical breakthrough  discovery regarding Lyme that would set us free from our misery? Our relentless air hunger and burning under the skin need to come to an end. Being tired of experimenting so many symptoms, our imagination runs wild each time we read something about a new treatment. The internet is filled with many alternative remedies […]

6 Ways To Beat Holidays Blues

  We need to keep in mind that not everyone shares the Holiday spirit and there are some people who find this period of the year extremely difficult. While most of us look forward to reunite with our loved ones, others try to isolate themselves and stay away from the holiday madness which acts as a trigger for their depression. As a chronic illness sufferer, I know how challenging and daunting it can be to see others parading their good cheer and merriment while you’re all under the blue. It doesn’t make you a Grinch nor a Merkel, but it […]

When A-Z Lyme meets The Mighty

Over an year ago I became a contributor to THE MIGHTY, meaning they accepted to publish on their website some of my Lyme related articles. They offered me the exposure I needed to voice my story and raise more awareness for Lyme disease. Thanks to them, some of my articles were featured on Yahoo and Huffington Post. I couldn’t have reached a wider audience on my own. In addition, they added a direct link to my A-ZLYME.COM on each of my stories that they published. That little link they added, helped me increase the traffic to my website and have […]


Years back, while I was still struggling to get a diagnosis for my mysterious invisible illness, I reached the limit of my patience. I still remember this incident as if it took place yesterday. It was my first visit to a neurologist’s office.  I really had high hopes for this appointment. After seeing many other specialists before him, all unable to offer me an explanation for my multitude of symptoms, I was hoping he would be the one that would have a breakthrough. I was kind of at the end of the line, facing a dead end. To my surprise, […]


A journey of pain and suffering Being a Lyme sufferer prevented me from getting back to working full-time and made me jump through a lot of hoops. In a nutshell, I was one of the lucky ones who managed to see the light at the end of the tunnel, meaning that I managed to find a way to live a normal life after becoming a Lymie. I won’t lie to you, this was a long journey with ups and downs and many dead ends. It was a journey that I did all alone cause most of my friends vanished on […]


Change is always for the better! One morning I asked myself if it wouldn’t be easier for me to do what I could do and completely forget about the others. Solely focus on me and my needs. I kept on telling myself this until I incorporated it into my way of thinking. The moment I changed my way of thinking, everything seemed easier, better, brighter. It hurt for a few weeks until one day when I discovered I was enjoying my new freedom. I felt free because I could have stayed the whole day without feeling weird, inventing excuses, or […]


Lymonade anyone?In my first years as a Lymie, during the short occasions I was going out socializing with friends, I found myself talking about my Lyme disease. Usually people were talking about how great everything was going for them, what had happened at work, what shopping spree the girls had, what restaurant they have gone, and babies. None of those topics was contingent with what I had on my depressed agenda. My days were passing at a totally different pace, in a different environment where I had to deal constantly with my sickness which had taken over my life. My […]


  When you are chronic pain sufferer or a Lymie (Lyme disease victim) you are accustomed to pain. You can’t complain anymore about it because it is part of your normality. By now you learnt how to live with it and how to ignore it. You don’t run to the doctor anymore when your joints get swollen and ache or when you have muscle pain and twitches, horrible migraines, heart palpitations and so on. The doctor can’t help you anyway! He can’t make them go away! He’s not a wizard! Since you are dealing daily with a cocktail of symptoms […]