There is no doubt  that the moon’s gravitational pull is strong enough to control the tides.

Thus why are we surprised to find out that it can affect our bodies which are just sacks of tissue and water? Everything under the sun is affected by the lunar cycles. Why should humans be different?

Some people may be more aware of its effect on them while others would not have a clue about it as the effects would go unnoticed.



How does the moon (full or new) affects each individual is hard to say as it is an unique experience. Not all Lyme disease patients will feel the same way or have the same symptoms. Some may experience widespread pain, body buzzing, tearfulness, insomnia, shortness of breath, while others will suffer from joint pain or headaches.


Full moon seems to exacerbate some of the symptoms experienced by Lyme sufferers or even add new ones to their ordeal. Apparently their emotions and state of mind tend to be affected by this phase of the moon.  


Many patients complain about struggling with sleep disturbances and anxiety at night and feeling shaky inside. The best description of this symptom would be to imagine how it feels to have a TGV train passing inside you while you are in bed.


Headaches, dehydration and body aches are other symptoms noted by the Lyme sufferers during the super-moon. They all experience a flare-up.


Those infected with Babesia tend to have a longer flare-up. Usually symptoms occur somewhere 8-10 days before the full moon. Women tend to suffer even more, especially if the full moon occurs close to their monthly cycle.



Parasites. They are the main culprits for the flare-up. We may not like to think about it, but inside of our bodies, most of us have worms, unwanted parasites that we are not even aware of. If not addressed properly, a parasite infection can hinder the healing and it can even lead to other serious health problems.


Around a full moon, not only the Lyme patients will feel worse, but also those who have parasites, because during this time, the parasites’ activity peaks, causing us, the host, to feel unwell.


The parasites are active during the full moon too as it is their mating season. Every couple of weeks, the parasites and bacterias hatch and form new babies. To be more precise, the spirochetes have a reproductive cycle each 28-30 days, which coincides with the full moon cycle.


The flare up is due to the fact that during this period of time the spirochetes are far more active. As for the co-infections, they have a 3 to 5 days cycle, which explains the ups and downs on the symptoms experienced by patients.



Detox. Try detoxing before and after the full moon in order to get rid of more toxins. Detox baths, far infrared saunas, coffee enemas, etc. More toxins you will flush out, better you will feel.

Exercise. Try yoga, pilate or a bit of exercise! Remember to follow your own pace. Killing yourself over the machines at the gym, won’t do you any good!

Essential oils. Experiment with some of these essential oils and see what works better for you: Lavender, Thyme, Oregano, Cinnamon Bark, Tea tree, Frankincense and Myrrh, Clove, Marjoram or Vetiver.

Medication. Ideally would be to avoid adding more chemicals to your body while fighting Lyme or any co-infection, though sometimes taking an Ibuprofen may offer some relief.



Track your symptoms! Having a small health journal would help you notice how you feel, if there is any pattern repeating around the full moon.


    1. I second the first comment. Will please provide documentation for the claims in this article? Thank you!

      1. I haven’t found much medical literature on this topic. The above mentioned correlations are based on my personal experiences and those of Lyme sufferers that I came in contact with.

        1. I found a paper put out by the Mayo clinic about 5 years ago stating the 30 day cycle of the bacteria. That is how I finally understood that the h-ll I was going through was Lymes. Full moon as I write this. ugh.

        2. This is very true, my son has had Lyme disease and co- infection for years and he gets bad seizures always around full moon.

    2. The full moon effect occurs because Lyme bacteria are attuned to the rise and fall of hormone activity, and attack when you are weakest. That is why women may be worse affected. It is a hormone disrupter that is attuned to female fertility cycles. But it was still capable of making me lame once a month. I could pretty much mark it on the calendar in advance each month, when I would go lame.

  1. There is not much research out on this, but just ask any chronic Lyme And you will get the same answer. I used to come alive during full moon. Now 22 years later I have to sleep 24 hours it seems. Is indescribable

    1. Most of the people say that age takes a toll on you. I`d say that Lyme takes a toll on you, not aging as it completely changes your life!

  2. My 3 year old is having grad mal seizure on or the day before the lunar cylce days. Is there a protocol for a child with nero lyme?

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