Can Ozone Therapy really heal Lyme or is it just another fake hope? How many of us dreamed of having this infamous illness cured, out of our systems for good? How many times did we hoped deep down inside that there will be a medical breakthrough  discovery regarding Lyme that would set us free from our misery?

Our relentless air hunger and burning under the skin need to come to an end. Being tired of experimenting so many symptoms, our imagination runs wild each time we read something about a new treatment. The internet is filled with many alternative remedies or treatments for Lyme, but which one to chose? How to know if it really works or if it’s another hoax.

Ozone Therapy is one of many alternative therapies that many Lyme sufferers would like to give it a try. Is it safe? How does it work? Is it a total game changer? Is it expensive? 

After I did a quick research, I was able to find some answers to my questions. You can have a look at what I found, by checking out my latest article: OZONE THERAPY & LYME DISEASE.

Most of the evidence supporting this treatment approach comes  for the patient testimonials on certain websites promoting the ozone therapy. Thus it is hard to know what is the truth.  Who to believe?

Keeping in mind that most of the Lyme sufferers had to take their health into their own hands for well known reasons, we would be tempted to trust these testimonials.


Do your own research, weigh your options as there is no single step to overcome Lyme Disease. Arm yourself with information and go seek a reputable LLMD or naturopathic doctor who can offer guidance and shed more information on the alternative therapies available for Lyme Disease.

I will not condone or condemn the ozone therapy as I did not try for myself! This post aims to help you get more informed, but please don’t stop here! Do your own research and make an informed choice.

Please consult your naturopathic doctor about whether ozone therapy would be an appropriate treatment for you.



If you underwent this alternative therapy, would you like to share your experience with us?

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