An article posted by revealed that the major insurance companies are conspiring to deny Lyme disease coverage. Surprised? I guess not!


At the beginning of November, in Texarkana, Texas, twenty-eight people, Lyme sufferers, filed a class -action lawsuit against multiple insurance companies and several medical doctors.


The plaintiffs claim that the health insurers used “bogus”guidelines established by their paid consultants, IDSA in order to deny them coverage.  They blame their lack of health insurance on IDSA as well.


IDSA stands for Infectious Diseases Society of America, the medical association responsible for developing the clinical practice guidelines. IDSA says Lyme can be cured with only 28 days of antibiotic treatment.


According to the lead plaintiff, Lisa Torrey, back in 1990 the major health insurance companies agreed to pay IDSA (affiliate doctors) to establish arbitrary guidelines. Long story short, the researchers produced in 2000,  new guidelines saying twenty eight days of antibiotic treatment could cure Lyme disease.

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Looking forward to see something like this happening in Canada! Would you get involved? Drop me a comment if you would!