Lyme treatment and detoxification go hand in hand, as the dead spirochetes release toxins within the body; toxins continue to build up and take a toll on the liver.

If you are reading this post, I am sure that you are familiar by now with the term herx and you know what happens with your body during a Herxheimer or pathogen die-off reaction.

I personally noted that with the help of a portable far infrared sauna, I am capable of flushing a great amount of toxins from my body (neurotoxins and environmental toxins). By spending around 30 minutes each second day in the sauna, I detox my body at a deep level.

Sweating is one of the best ways to detox, as the body exploits the skin. Unlike the regular saunas, steam rooms or working out the gym, the far infrared sauna has the ability to go deep into the tissue. By emitting a deep infrared radiation, it heats up deeper levels of tissue, enabling detoxification at a cellular level.

Through sweat, a higher concentration of toxins is being eliminated, which prevents the liver and my gastrointestinal tract of getting overwhelmed.

Before you jump in, keep in mind that its ability of mobilizing toxins may trigger a bigger Herxmeiher reaction. After the sauna therapy session, you will have a greater amount of toxins circulating around in your bloodstream, which can get you exhausted. Or some symptoms may flare up.

In case your adrenal function is low, please consult with your physician or Lyme practitioner prior to usage of a Radiant Saunas Rejuvenator Portable Sauna.