Today I read an article that brought tears to my eyes: four out of five members of Victoria (Minnesota) family struggle with Lyme. Their story made me look at my Lyme from a different perspective.

Getting diagnosed with Lyme  can be  a long and frustrating process. Living with Lyme is a tough challenge. This illness turns your life upside down, drains your bank account and messes up with your mind.

Once the chronic fatigue settles in, you can’t afford to waste time debating if you have or no Lyme or if it is real. All you know is that you are not yourself anymore. You need help. You would do anything to feel better, not to mention about getting your life back.

But having your kids sick, that is just heartbreaking. As an adult, you can struggle and do your best to win this battle against Lyme disease. You can take millions of pills, follow strict diets, try new alternative treatments or therapies. It’s not an easy task.

When nothing seems to work, you tell yourself that at least you had a good life before getting Lyme. Not that would make you feel better, but it helps you accept your chronic illness and focus on ways to live with it, instead of curing it.

Though what do you do when your child gets diagnosed with Lyme? I can’t even imagine how terrible that must feel, when you have to see your child going through the same things as you.

How can you inspire hope? How would you be able to reassure him that he will get well? How can you stop feeling responsible for their sickness? The mere thought of passing Lyme to your on kid, is horrifying.

I can’t imagine the struggle of a parent who has only hope left for his sick children. In moments like this, I realize how blessed I am that my child never presented any Lyme related symptoms.

Keep up the fight dear Lymies!