As autumn arrived earlier than expected, the delightful fall foliage brought in the foil-peeping tourists. During my morning hike, I noted that autumn leaf colour phenomenon has started. On my way back to the parking lot I passed by a lot of people. To my surprise, most of them were not properly equipped for hiking.

I felt compelled to tell them to watch out for ticks. Some of them were foreign tourists who had no idea what was a tick, or barely spoke English or French, while others thanked me politely brushed me off.

I did not feel offended and did not care if they might have considered me weird. I would have probably done the same thing ten years ago. Prevention is key. I have said it a million times and I will say it again, hoping it will make a difference, that it will avoid having someone else getting Lyme.

Although more and more people get bitten, and Lyme is now making the news, some think is not real. They consider it a hoax. They do not understand the risk that they expose themselves at by hiking in shorts and flip-flops.

A simple Google search is more than enough to show that there are cases of Lyme disease within Canada. Actually, you can hear it on TV. Today ¬†even CTV Ontario News announced that a tick found in Sudbury has tested positive for Lyme disease. If that is not enough proof, I don’t know what will be.

Would you go hiking in shorts?

One thought on “FALL IS HERE!

  1. I would always cover up anyway, otherwise I’d get bruised. So long cargo jeans is my goto pants. Long sleeves might be a good idea after reading what you have gone through.

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