Whenever someone asked me how was it to live with Lyme disease, I was never capable of fully explaining how that felt, without worrying for leaving something out or getting the audience bored.

No one can understand the amount of pain a Lyme sufferer must cope with on a daily basis, nor how much strength or effort it takes to go through the day, unless they go through the same thing.

Throughout the years, I learnt to cope with Lyme. Some days I win, some days I lose. It’s always a struggle. I chose to focus on what the positive aspects of my life and call myself lucky for so many reasons.

Today I stumbled upon Marisol Thomas’ speech at the Global Lyme Alliance Galla. I was moved by the way she described her daily struggle. I don’t think one could have done a better job! She really deserves that Global Lyme Alliance award!

Here’s a link to the Globally Lyme Alliance website.


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