Change is always for the better!

One morning I asked myself if it wouldn’t be easier for me to do what I could do and completely forget about the others. Solely focus on me and my needs. I kept on telling myself this until I incorporated it into my way of thinking. The moment I changed my way of thinking, everything seemed easier, better, brighter.

It hurt for a few weeks until one day when I discovered I was enjoying my new freedom. I felt free because I could have stayed the whole day without feeling weird, inventing excuses, or having polite conversation in an environment I did not fit.

Slowly I start identifying myself with different mentalities. I discovered parts of myself I had long forgotten, also new emerging ones, taking me to new paths.

For me, my time had become precious. I started to spend more time on my own. What was different this time was the fact that now I was spending time for me and with me. I learnt that small little pleasures could make up for a sleepless night or for couple of hours of pain. Happiness comes in small increments!

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