When I had to stop my antibiotic treatment, I switched to essential oils, which enabled me to function at 80% capacity of what I used to be. Yes, the essential oils played an important role in my recovery.


The use of essential oils, my Lyme diet and the red infrared sauna were my only weapons left against Lyme and the co-infections I had been diagnosed with. When I started using the oils, I knew nothing about their super powers. All I had was hope. Hope that I will get better.


I did not know how they worked, what brand to buy, what combination to take or that I had to rotate them throughout the year. I was new to all that. It was through a long series of try and error that I discovered the key oils for Lyme and what worked for me.


So, here are the winners, with the link attached:


  1. Dear Lavi, thank you so much for this very informative website! I have recently started to use essential oils (from doTerra) for different kind of purpose of health issues and now I would like to try to cure the Lyme disease I still got in my body…. How did You use the oils? How long and what amount of drops?
    Kindly, Rosanna

    1. Hi Rosanna!

      Thank you for stopping by! I did not follow a strict protocol. I experimented throughout the years with different essential oils and noticed that Oregano, Rosemary and Tea Tree Oils worked best for me. I used to rub it (2 drops) on my skin combined with diluted virgin coconut oil and I even took it orally once or twice a week depending on how I was feeling. Since everyone’s symptoms are different, I know others took it for only a few months and stopped because they felt better. I took it for a few years and even now I have them in the house, and use them once in a way. Note that you may get some serious herx reactions from these oils.

    2. Wow this is all excellent information! Thank you so much. I am glad to hear these oils are helping people heal better than antibiotics. I was on antibiotics for a while but they are so harsh decided to take supplements and try the natural way. Been off them for a few months and still have bad days but not as often and as bad. I’d like to also try some of the essential oils. I am doing research for my brother as he has lyme very bad and nothing is helping him. So will give him some oils as a Christmas gift and hope for improved health ☺️

  2. Hiya
    I’m so pleased to hear of someone getting well !!! Yay !!!
    My whole family are sick,I think with Lyme and co infections.
    How do you injest the oils ? Only we have delicate guts already.
    Do you water them down and drink a few drops of put it in a capsule?
    Is it safe ?

    1. Hi Gina! I started slow with 1-2 drops per week and then increased to 1 to 3 drops each third day, then each second day , to finally 3 drops per day in a glass of water.
      Never take more than 3 drops because you risk getting some serious health issues. Usually these oils are applied externally, not ingested. Thus a few drops can be very strong! There are capsules also that you can buy but I can’t help you chose a brand because I haven’t taken capsules.
      You need to listen to your body and avoid having a massive die-off which will make you feel even worse.
      Also ensure that you purchase essential oils that are 100% pure and organic.

  3. Hello, I am German , sorry for my English . I am a physiotherapist . I have Lyme since 16 years. There was nothing that really helped me. Now I am working with different essential oils and feel much better. Bio films are one of my favor problems. They become very hard and make terrible muscle problems . I tread em with Deuser sticks every single day. My essential oil favor are Cinnamon, Myrrhe, Lemon Grass for killing helicobacter, Oregano oil and Tea Tree oil. Oregano is very strong, so you should take only one drop in honey or warm milk. Now I take lavender oil too, because of its success again lues. Tripper, so how we call lues in German, is early nineteen percent identical with borrelia bacteria. Save and repair your stomach. Licorice root is very important. Licorice repairs stomach lining in a very short time and save your stomach , when you take essential oils. I want to warn everybody for treating borrelia with heat. Borrelia bacteria become strong again if you use Thermic therapies. This is because of the negative loading from the borrelia membrane. If you take a hot bath, you must change the negative loaded potential of hot water before bathing into positive . You can test it with a ph controller . I give 6 bottles of sparkling mineral water and six little citrus bottles in the water. Than a little bit vinegar and stevia water from coked stevia leaves. If I don’t do this, my symptoms became dangerous bad. Sauna, infrared bathing electrotherapie and all, what brings negativ ions into your body will make the negative borrelia bacteria strong again and I feel, it wakes up sleeping bacteria too. The same is for basic foot. Basic foot transports negativ charge in your body. The higher the PH worth of foot or water, the stronger becomes the negative charge of the borrelia membrane. No one needs basic foot because your body system regulars it self. The essential oils were the first medicine ever, that helps me again Lyme . I take it with powder of white peonie, a little pies of chireta powder and powder of licorice root into a small digestive resistant capsule and put this capsula into a bigger resistant capsule. I take to drops of cinnamon, 3 drops of Lemmon gras and four drops of Myrrhe in some powder. Than I mixed it intensive in the dry powder and take in in a Capsule and than in te bigger capsule. Don’t lay. You must wait two hours, than you can eat.
    Thank you for helping Lyme disease persons with your information .
    Sorry again. I know, my English is ………so bad.
    Best regards

  4. Hey!
    Just wondering, how often would you apply these oils? Would you use more then one at a time?
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Mix them all together in a bath with whole cloves mustard seeds and emson salt!!! It working. It’s a little painful because the bacteria are parasites are dying off and just like you feel them digging in you feel them die. I’m so blessed

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