When you are chronic pain sufferer or a Lymie (Lyme disease victim) you are accustomed to pain. You can’t complain anymore about it because it is part of your normality. By now you learnt how to live with it and how to ignore it.

You don’t run to the doctor anymore when your joints get swollen and ache or when you have muscle pain and twitches, horrible migraines, heart palpitations and so on. The doctor can’t help you anyway! He can’t make them go away! He’s not a wizard!

Since you are dealing daily with a cocktail of symptoms it is hard to dissociate Lyme symptoms from others ones. Add a nasty flu to it and then it is nearly impossible to know what caused what. All you know is that you feel awful and you need a break from it.

The danger with blocking the pain or ignoring the symptoms can have negative consequences. You can assume that it is only a flare up, while in reality it can be something more severe, even life-threatening.

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